1. s2s.png
    SEE-2-SOUND custom_emoji : Zero-Shot Spatial Environment-to-Spatial Sound
    Rishit DagliShivesh PrakashRobert Wu, and 1 more author
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2406.06612 2024
  2. finch.png
    Beyond the Visible: Jointly Attending to Spectral and Spatial Dimensions with HSI-Diffusion for the FINCH Spacecraft
    Ian VyseRishit DagliDav Vrat Chadha, and 26 more authors
    SSC 2024 (Oral)
  3. masa.png
    Tuning In custom_emoji : Analysis of Audio Classifier Performance in Clinical Settings with Limited Data
    Hamza MahdiEptehal NashnoushRami Saab, and 4 more authors
    PMLR 2024


  1. diffuseraw.jpg
    DiffuseRAW: End-to-End Generative RAW Image Processing for Low-Light Images
    Rishit Dagli
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2402.18575 2023
  2. truck_mnerf.png
    PyTorch Made Efficient for the Edge: WASI-NN
    Rishit Dagli, and Shivay Lamba
    PyTorch Conference 2023
  3. wasm_akri.png
    Orchestrating Machine Learning on Edge Devices with PyTorch and WebAssembly (Oral)
    Rishit Dagli, and Shivay Lamba
    PyTorch Conference 2023 (Oral)
  4. astroformer.png
    Astroformer: More Data Might Not be All You Need for Classification
    Rishit Dagli
    ICLRW 2023
  5. cppe5.png
    CPPE-5: Medical Personal Protective Equipment Dataset
    Rishit Dagli, and Ali Mustufa Shaikh
    SN Computer Science 2023


  1. q.png
    Deploying a smart queuing system on edge with Intel OpenVINO toolkit
    Rishit Dagli, and Süleyman Eken
    SN Soft Computing 2021
  2. b.png
    Job Descriptions Keyword Extraction using Attention based Deep Learning Models with BERT
    Hussain Falih Mahdi, Rishit Dagli, Ali Mustufa, and 1 more author
    IEEE HORA 2021
  3. fastformer.png
    Fast Transformer
    Rishit Dagli
  4. perceiver.png
    Rishit Dagli
  5. gctf.png
    Gradient Centralization
    Rishit Dagli, and Shaikh Ali Mustufa